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We take a poll to offer classes at the best and most aligned time possible. We tend to go with the time that accommodates the majority of the people that take the poll. However what’s important is that you receive support for your questions in the community and occasionally on live Q and A’s. It’s not important to watch classes or meditations live, only that you do the inner work and that your questions are answered which we will ensure whether or not you make classes live. We also offer multiple times for live calls to accommodate time zones around the world ! Please fill out the POLL HERE 

All classes will be recorded and posted in your members portal shortly after the live sessions end. If you ever find that you cannot make a live session, please watch the recording and join the next call if you are able to. You are not required to attend all sessions live and they are equally as effective and powerful in replay but we encourage you to come to a Q&A weekly if possible so we can best support you LIVE. We would like for you to receive with ease and joy to complement and augment your life. 

The important part is for you to integrate and act on the lessons shared and receive support with any questions that come up. Do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or Discord community with any questions or needs for additional support. Move through the program with an open heart and clear commitment to doing the work, and you will receive the program at its fullest capacity. 

The program lasts three months. The Program is 12 weeks with one week off for the holidays. We will be sharing class times shortly and the program is set to begin on Monday October 24th. You have access to the Dreamporting Community for life. Please join our Discord Community where you will be able to share and interact with fellow students along your journey. https://discord.gg/cvUjDjw9CD

While a preexisting spiritual practice can be beneficial, it is not completely necessary as we lay a great foundation and offer bonus courses in our library if you require additional support. We believe that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. When a code or a lesson resonates with you, it is resonating with your spirit. We invite you to ask questions and be open to what may come up for you during sessions and integration. You have lifetime access to the replays, so if something doesn’t feel like it’s landing, you are completely able to go back in and rewatch. 

The Bonuses, if you secure your spot before they conclude include:

  • A 30 Minute Oracle Session with Alana Aviel with over a decade of experience
  • Access to our Dreamporting Soundtrack

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