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2-Day Free Virtual Retreat


I’ll show you exactly how to harness the universal laws and use ancient energy techniques to instantly clear your greatest blocks, receive answers to your life’s questions, and teleport into your dream life!

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2-Day Free
Transformational Retreat

An Intro to Daniel Raphael & Dreamporting

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Healing can take forever,

But this is not about healing.
When we focus on what’s “wrong” we
forget that this life is a school and
the identity we are trying to fix is an illusion
that only exists in our minds. By transcending
the mind’s limitations, we can harness
Divine Consciousness to instantly let go of scarcity,
doubt, and old stories
and free ourselves back
to an awakened reality of limitless
awareness and love.

About this Virtual Retreat
90 minute Training & Activation each Day

Join our training to learn how to reveal and dissolve the root blocks of your authentic expression and experience a guided activation with next-generation sound frequency technology to recode your energy field and align your life.

There are a set of keys to align with this phenomena: energetic blocks to clear, perspectives to shift, defense mechanisms to unwind, and encounters with divine helpers awaiting in this breathwork journey using ancient energy techniques to easily guide you through the portal to freedom.

Learn ancient rituals using angels and ancient scriptures to rapidly purify your energy field and release the limitations and thought constructs holding you back from manifesting your dreams.

With this opening, your intuition will be activated to receive specific instructions from your higher self for crystal clarity and specific actions to take in order to quantum leap into divine alignment.

Daniel answered your questions and share a remote energy transmission so you may transform what’s holding you back and receive what you’ve been asking for!

Discover how to use these ancient energy techniques to liberate yourself from your old identity, anchor in your true self, and accelerate your manifestations.

Day One

Ancient Liberation Journey

Use ancient magic techniques to reveal the secret blocks of your subconscious and free yourself from your core block. Receive a powerful recoding of your subconscious with the help of special angels to dissolve the false identity which is at the root of all blocks.

Experience an immersive breathwork journey to deeply clean your magnetic field with extreme potency and purify you in preparation for the next day’s timeline shift into your dream life.

Receive Dream Magic training to give tasks for your astral body to perform at night, such as healing past relationships, attracting opportunities, and receiving specific answers while you sleep!

Day Two

The Timeline Shift

In this initiation, you will experience an awakening journey to dissolve the limits of separation, followed by the opening of a portal to meet and merge with your True Self. This anchoring of a much higher vibration, allows for near-instant manifestation at a new level of joy and abundance and is the exact technique Daniel uses to manifest near-impossible scenarios and opportunities. 

Your higher self will also communicate with you, offering you specific guidance and a blueprint to move forward in this next golden chapter of your life and bring rare confidence and strength as you reconnect with your inner-knowing.

After the retreat, the constellation of your life, including  new experiences, relationships and opportunities will unfold based on your level of surrender, as you have increased your capacity to receive and be in deep alignment with the universe.

Deep Dive Questions & Answers

Learn from the Questions of others who attended the live call. Many times people share that they are experiencing similar or identical experiences that are brought up during sessions and all are transformed through the benefit of their share.

2-Day Free
Transformational Retreat

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About Daniel Raphael

Daniel Raphael is a global meditation teacher and high-impact guide that advises Fortune 100 founders, high-impact leaders, and over 25,000 students through the Dreamporting Academy. Daniel offers effortless and simple guidance that allows individuals and teams to achieve empowerment, freedom, and new levels of success at a highly accelerated rate.

Having been initiated in several lineages from ancient mystery schools, Daniel’s mission is to share how to harness the core principles of reality in a simple and effective way for worldwide liberation and peace. He currently runs retreats and lessons in-person and online and is passionate about volunteering for people in need and veterans with PTSD.

Daniel considers himself an eternal student who is grateful for the countless teachers and teachings on his path. Being born with advanced intuitive abilities which then shut down after a series of traumatic events, Daniel left conventional therapies for a 13-year healing quest around the world to overcome severe mental and emotional challenges and now is dedicated to sharing his discoveries with the world.

The #1 reason you don’t manifest what you want is that your identity is blocking opportunities that exist at higher vibration, thus manifesting challenges in your reality.

Angels have been used for thousands of years to liberate us from darkness that may take the form of disharmony in relationships, money blocks, health issues, toxic habits, thought-loops, and doubt that may inhibit the manifestation of our soul’s dream.

Thousands of people all over the world have received near-instant transformations from Dreamporting, which combines the effortless miracles of these often forgotten Angels with the re-alignment of the universal laws of reality to rapidly rewire your subconscious and energetic alignment with your highest good, unlocking your ability to materialize your dreams.

Shifting timelines goes beyond clearing one block, or belief, by dissolving the false identity which manifests subconsciously as hidden limitations that push away deeper intimacy, joy, and success. When we anchor in a new reality, miracles magnetize instantly since we are no longer subconsciously repelling them!


Great Financial Abundance​

Mastery of your Intuition and Clarity​

Magnetic Confidence and Decisiveness​

Alignment with your Destiny​

Harmonized Relations with People, Money, and Time​

Surrender to Life and Divine Consciousness​


Yes! for registered students, there will be a 7-day limited-time replay so you can review the training and practice what you’ve learned!

The event will be 90 minutes long with a little overtime on both days.

Yes! You will receive a transformational energy recoding as part of a group on both days of the virtual event.

Virtually everyone will notice a significant shift in how they feel, however occasionally this happens sometimes after the session or in rare instances not at all. The degree in which you open and allow yourself to be present and surrender to the greater divine forces will allow you to go deeper and receive greater shifts.

Yes! It is a great gift to share transformative experiences with loved ones. 🙂

The Dreamporting system is special because it harnesses the universal laws to offer rapid and deeply transformative results that over 25,000 people have experienced. It is a brand new discovery yet it’s inspired from thousands of years of ancient wisdom that offers a solution to many of the blocks that years of traditional and alternative approaches have not significantly supported by allowing the perfect intelligence of Divine Consciousness to recode one’s subconscious and energetic field by a balance of surrendered meditation and decisive commitment which we guide you to align with during the meditations.


2-Day Free
Transformational Retreat